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Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

This course will give you:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of your dog's separation anxiety and solutions to resolve the issue.

  2. A complete breakdown of the protocol used to overcome separation anxiety with real client examples.

  3. An in depth, deep dive discussion with a veterinary behaviorist to help you better understand your options.

Separation Anxiety Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the Separation Anxiety in Dogs Training Course
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  Unit 1: Separation Anxiety Definition & Support Team
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  Unit 2: Separation Anxiety Components and Tools
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  Unit 3: Separation Anxiety Solutions and Tools
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About Instructor Terrie Hayward

Terrie Hayward is a passionate, committed, and professionally certified dog trainer and animal behavior consultant. Known internationally as an expert in helping pet parents and dogs cope with Separation Anxiety, she is the "go to" referral choice for veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists around the globe.

With a Master's degree in Education she is a frequent speaker at world renowned behavior and training events such as Clicker Expo and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants conference. Additionally, she has written numerous articles on working with Separation Anxiety for major publications and wrote the "Sep Anx" chapter for the highly acclaimed "Better Together: The Collective Wisdom of Modern Dog Trainers."

Testimonials From Real Clients

Marc and Rocky

When I initially began working with Terrie, we started with me walking to the door and shaking the handle. Now Rocky is up to 5 hours and having a dog is pure fun again.

Before I had to plan my day around Rocky. Now Rocky plans his day around me.

Deanne and Sadie

For over a year, we read books and tried training programs. But it wasn't until we worked with a behavioral veterinarian to get the correct meds on board, along with the step-by-step guidance from Terrie that we made progress with our sweet Sadie's Separation Anxiety. 

The detailed feedback and steps Terrie gave us moved us more quickly than we had hoped towards helping Sadie be comfortable by herself!  

Ksenia and Kaia

Working with Terrie has done wonders for my dog Kaia's separation anxiety and my ability to manage our new way of life. In the year that we worked with Terrie, Kaia went from zero absence tolerance to being able to sleep through a 4 hour absence!

Terrie helped us overcome several regressions, multiple medication trials and gave us the tools to enjoy our life despite the separation anxiety.